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Joycelyn’s compassion for the elderly people and persons with disabilities was sparked while caring for her ill grandmother in the Caribbean, where she was born and raised. Growing up with six siblings, Joycelyn learned to be both patient and kind. She now carries these characteristics into motherhood and working with people on a daily basis. Joycelyn is passionate about working with marginalized communities and has spent the last 27 years working in group homes, shelters, and classrooms.

While most of her work has revolved around children and youth, Joycelyn frequently makes time to connect with elderly people in her church and the wider community. She honours their wisdom and the easy rapport they share, and they have been the primary benefactors of CTS services. With those experiences in mind, Joycelyn now wishes to extend her work to other demographics, such as young adults.

Joycelyn is a very hardworking woman who strives to make the lives of the people around her easier by offering a helping hand. Though she has been faced with many hurdles, her resiliency continues to shine through. That resilience has made Joycelyn the person she is today – someone who derives joy from giving back to her local community.

She lives by a quote her grandmother used to say to her, “Charity begins at home and ends abroad,” which continues to inspire and impact the way she interacts with others to this day.


Mission – Empower seniors, young adults with disabilities, and caregivers to make informed decisions about their transportation, residential living, and other holistic needs.

Vision – Compassion For All.


Client-Centred – Every client and their needs will be treated in an individualistic manner to create a positive and productive environment.

Communication – Our services are communicated in a clear manner to allow transparency between clients and staff.

Inclusivity – We understand the diverse backgrounds we serve, and strive to make our clients feel part of their community.

Responsibility – We strive to offer a safe environment and reliable services that ensure clients get the best support.

Team Work – Our staff  work in collaboration with each other and clients  to ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Our staff are qualified professionals who are:

We have experience working with children, youth and individuals with mental health, behavioural, and physical challenges.

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